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Blood Bank | G B Pant Hospital | New Delhi | 110002

  • Address : 1, Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, New Delhi-110002
  • Phone : +91-11-23234242
  • The Blood Bank in G. B. Pant Hospital started in the year 1980. G.B.P.H Blood Bank has come a long way from a humble beginning as an off-shoot of L N J PN Blood Bank. Blood Bank started 24 hours emergency services from the year 1989. Blood Bank at GB Pant Hospital  is first amongst Delhi Govt. Blood Bank to start Blood Component separation services  the first and hospital notified by Delhi Governemnt as Platelet Services Provider during Dengue Epidemic. Blood Bank G.B.P.H. still works like a Regional Transfusion Center with respect to Platelet products, thereby helping patients from other Govt., Private Hospitals & Nursing Homes in the NCR. first Delhi Govt. Blood Bank to start Apheresis procedure in the year 1992. First Blood Bank in Delhi to start Therapeutic Plasmapharesis in 1992 to provide treatment to patients with Myasthenia Gravis.

    Blood Bank, G.B. Pant Hospital is always ahead in providing Blood and Blood components to other Blood Banks including Regional Transfusion Centers like LNJP Blood Bank & Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank.
    Nature of Services:
    • Blood collection from Voluntary and Replacement donors
    • Screening of blood for TTD
    • Blood Grouping & Cross Matching
    • Preparation of Blood components.
    • Blood Components prepared are
    • Platelet Rich Plasma
    • Platelet Concentrate
    • Human Plasma
    • Fresh Frozen Plasma
    • Cryo Precipitate
    • Issue of Blood and Blood Components
    Blood is available to only indoor patients of GBPH. For the cases referred from Regional Transfusion centers, Blood will be provided to Regional Transfusion Centers. Thereafter, the Regional Transfusion center will cross match and issue to the blood to the requisitioner.
    Platelet Products are available (off the shelf) even to the patients from outside G. B. Pant. Hospital from Govt. / Pvt. Hospital/Nursing Homes. However Private Patients and Patients from Private wards in Government Hospitals need to pay processing charges
    Donor Apheresis
    Pre requisite : A healthy Donor with the same blood group as of Patient is required for all the procedures. Apart from meeting the requirements of Blood Donation, Donor also has to pass all screening tests. Both Donor Plasma Pheresis procedure as well as Donor Platelet Pheresis procedure are available. Products available are Single Donor Plasma & Single Donor Platelet
    Patients are required to replace the Kit & pay the processing charges. Patients producing BPL ration card are exempt from processing charges and are provided free kits. This service is available to all citizens of Delhi state
    Therapeutic Apheresis (Located at Neurology Dept.-ICU#6)
    Available Free of Cost to Indoor patients of GBPH and LNJPN Hospital.
    Documents Required:
    For Replacement Blood Donation: Written request Slip from Treating Department, GBPH
    For issue of Blood & Blood Components: Blood requisition form from Treating Department, GBPH. Outside patients should get the requisition forms referred from the Regional Transfusion centers. For Platelets, out side patients must provide requisition form from their Nursing Home/Hospital with proper stamp and signature of the Treating Clinician.
    Donor Apheresis: Donor Apheresis Requisition form from Treating Department/Hospital
    Therapeutic Apheresis: Referral for Therapeutic Apheresis by Treating Department
    Ground floor near Gate No.4, G. B. Pant Hospital, New Delhi
     Blood bank at G.B.P.H Open 24 Hours on all days for Blood grouping, Cross matching and issuing of Blood and Blood Components to indoor patients and Platelets products for from outside G.B.P.H.
    However, Blood donation services are available from:
    9AM to 9PM during Monday through Friday.
    9.00 AM and 5.00 PM on Saturdays
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