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Blood Bank | Mahavir Enclave | New Delhi | 110045

  • Address : Bhagat Chandra Hospital, RZF-1/1, Mahavir Enclave Palam, New Delhi-110045
  • Phone : +91-11-45254525
  • Facilities : Blood Donation, Blood Storage, Blood Cross Matching and Blood Components.
  • Blood Bank at Bhagat Chandra Hospital Mahavir Enclave, Palam, South-west  Delhi,  is well equipped. Bhagat Chandra Blood Bank is  open 24-hours. Blood Bank at Mahavir Enclave,  Palam accept Blood from Healthy Blood Donor. Blood Bank provides whole Blood and Blood Components to  the patients of  other nursing home of Mahavir Enclave and Palam ( Dwarka).  

    Facility available at Blood Bank are:- 

    Blood Grouping 

    Blood Cross Matching 

    Blood Donation 

    Blood Storage 

    Blood Components

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