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Blood Bank | Rohini | Madhuban Chowk | Delhi- 110085

  • Timing : 24 Hours ( 24x7)
  • Address : Saroj Hospital and Heart Institute, Near Madhuban Chowk, Sector-14 (Extn.) Rohini, Delhi-110085
  • Phone : +91-11-27903333
  • Website :
  • Facilities : Blood Donation, Blood Storage, Blood Cross Matching and Blood Components.
  • Blood Bank  of Saroj Hospital & Heart Institute Rohini, Near Madhuban Chowk Delhi have been upgraded to a Blood Component Facility and Platelet Aphaeresis. Preparation of blood components is a sophisticated process requiring special equipment. Saroj Hospital Rohini is one of the hospitals in Delhi where blood components are available. The blood and blood products are available only against replacement and voluntary donation. However, each unit is charged for cross match and processing of blood. Blood issued is tested for HIV I & II, HCV, HBS AG & VDRL & MALARIA. Whole Blood & all components high quality are available in our blood bank and is open for 24 hours. All components are prepared from voluntarily & replacement donated blood, hence availability depends on stock.Patient's relatives/friends and voluntary donors have to donate to replace the stock. Donors will be accepted only if they are found medically fit to donate the blood and full fill the criteria for blood donation.Anyone between 18 to 60 years of age in good health can donate blood and help in saving someone's life.

    Donor selection criteria:
    Age: 18 - 60 years
    Weight: > 45 Kgs.
    Hemoglobin: 12.5 gram % or more
    Systolic B.P: 100 -150 mmhg
    Diastotic B.P: 60 - 90 mmhg
    Pulse: Between 60 - 100 beats / min
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