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Blood Bank | West Punjabi Bagh | New Delhi | 110026

  • Timing : 24 Hours ( 24x7)
  • Address : Maharaja Agrasain Hospital, West Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi-110026
  • Phone : +91-11-40777555/40777666
  • Website :
  • Facilities : Blood Donation, Blood Storage, Blood Cross Matching and Blood Components.
  • Maharaja Agrasain Hospital Punjabi Bagh, Rohtak Road New Delhi has state-of-the-art blood bank equipped with all latest equipments to collect and process. Whole human blood along with various Blood components (Packed Red Cells, Fresh Frozen Plasma, Platelet Concentrate etc.). Facility for Platelet Apheresis & Plasmapheresis are also available using Blood Cell Separators..Blood Bank take utmost precautions in collection, storage and infusion of blood. As we maintain the highest standards in blood banking. Blood Bank employ thoroughly trained staff skilled to address all aspects of blood banking.The Blood Bank at Maharaja Agrasen Hospital is fully equipped and maintains the highest standards of Quality and service. It offers 24 hours services and also caters to the need of nearby hospitals and Nursing Homes. Blood is collected from healthy Voluntary and replacement blood donors after conducting a proper medical history and thorough physical examination. Blood Bank at Maharaja Agrasain Hospital Punjabi Bagh is open 24 Hours for Blood issuance, Blood Cross Matching. Blood is issued to all patient availing treatment in and outside hospital.

    Our Products:
    Whole Human Blood I.P.
    Conc. Human Red Blood corpuscles I.P. – Leuco reduced
    Platelet concentrate B.P.
    Fresh Frozen Plasma B.P.
    Platelet Apheresis
    Plasmapheresis / Therapeutic Plasma Exchange
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