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Yoga is an ancient science of physical, mental and spiritual development, which originated in India around 7000 years ago.

The basic idea of Yoga is to unite the atma or individual soul with the parmatma or the universal soul.Yoga provides numerous benefits to the mankind. One can get following health benefits through regular yoga practice.

Reducess Stress: Practicing yoga postures regularly help to deal with day to day stress.
The breathing techniques like pranayama are effective to reduce stress.
Such techniques also provide peace of mind and generate positive energy in our body.
Through yoga an individual is able to spend some time for himself which helps to move away from stress.

Improves Stamina: Practicing the vibrant yoga postures help to improves stamina to do various day to day activities.
It is one of the ways to improve the energy levels. 

Helps to get flexible body :To get flexible body and well shape, one should practice yoga regularly. It helps to tone the muscles of the body and stay fit. Therefore, it is obvious that many women go for yoga to obtain a curve shaped body. 

To recover from diseases:Some yoga postures also help to cope with various health disorders. Regular yoga practice helps to fight against Diabetes, Blood pressure; back pain etc. yoga is powerful tool in living a healthy life.

To Helps to lose weight: Along with numerous health benefits, yoga provides some bonuses.
Regular yoga practice helpful to lose weight and maintain healthy weight.